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Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
You bring up a good topic. I've been thinking more and more about getting a 3D monitor to use for gaming. Particularly since there are so many good games coming out. Now would be better than ever to jump to 3D.

I'm considering the Acer GD235HZbid. my main monitor right now is a 24" samsung and a 22" benq. my OCD means that I'm always annoyed by the mis-match and I know the Acer will use a different resolution than my samsung but I can live with it I think.

Another question though... if I do get that acer and I hook up my PS3, can I play ps3 games on that monitor with the Nvidia 3d just like a PC game?
100% wait, but only for a short period. 3D is good but not great on the last round of monitors (and the GD235 is two rounds ago). The Lightboost stuff announced this week really does look good with a number of sources I trust saying its a step up in quality. The two biggest knocks against 3D right now (both on TVs and monitors) is the lowering of brightness and ghosting (seeing a feint image in one eye of the other eye's image). Lightboost from what I've seen and heard looks to take pretty big strides towards fixing both. Acer and Asus both have 27" that they claim will go on sale the end of the month and BenQ has the 2420XT (I have the 2410) coming out soon. Get a monitor with lightboost! Plus most of them come bundled with the glasses.

Further, hardly any of the current monitors do HDMI1.4 (so you can see 3D via ps3, bluray players, etc) but from what I see all the lightboost equipped monitors do. 3D monitors are also pretty great even when in 2D mode because they are true 120hz displays which is pretty great for games that don't handle 3D well. I played through Portal 2 without 3D on and it was smooth as butter. Same with many multiplayer FPS games (IMO 3D is best for single player)

You can 'test' out 3D vision on any monitor if you have some of the red/blue glasses like you may have used as a kid. Its good to see the 'effect' but obviously the color is all wack and at least for me that method hurt my eyes, but by all means give it a whirl.

The only other knock about 3D vision is support. The tech does theoretically allow any DirectX game to do 3D but a lot of the games use tricks which break the 3D experience (like rendering realtime shadows in 2D so they hover above the 3D scene in 3D). Developers have to put a bit of elbow grease to do it right and not every game does this, further, and most annoying, usually you have to wait a patch or two in before they enable the feature or get it right... nvidia has been good about getting developers on their side, but its far from something available launch day on every game.

The effect doesn't always work, some games are broken, and like SLI sometimes you have to wait to get proper support. But when it works it really can add some extra pop. No regrets about 3D here!
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