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Default Re: Which will you buy and play ? PC only poll

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Nobody around here really cares about the fun factor in games anymore TBH, it's mostly about graphics and performance. Take a look at the BF3 thread. Nobody has really said much about SP. I'm sure most PC gamers are just buying this for MP only.
Voted BF3 only, CoD just isn't my kind of game anymore.

The SP & co-op experience in BF3 is severely lacking but this is nothing new to people who have played BF for a long time. CoD has had the opportunity to focus very heavily on SP through the series, giving them a leg up on the SP experience.

MP is definitely the shiny golden goose of BF3, and for those who don't like the big battle experience well that's fine too each his own. Maybe something smaller scale (MW3) would be better.

I will tell you though I had a moment tonight that solidly reinforced my love of BF3 MP:
A buddy & I were basically running around Caspian Border taking care of all of the enemy air vehicles. But there was one time when we were moving around to take out a mobile AA vehicle and an enemy plane zips by. I pull out my heat-seeking shoulder-mounted SAM launcher, locked on and fired. The plane started into a hard turn to try and avoid the missile but it nailed him plumb in the engines and disabled his plane.

After the hit I hear my buddy (who is standing next to me in-game) go "yeah, nice hit!" over TS, and then we both go silent and notice that the dead-stick plane has somehow started to veer straight for us. All I hear over coms is "oh #$@(!", but it's too late and it's trajectory is locked in. As it continues it's dead-stick turn just mere fractions of a second away from careening into our pretty little faces the plane slams into a radio antenna and explodes in our faces in a fiery ball of awesomeness.

The next thing I hear over coms is, "omg, I wish we had Fraps running". I couldn't agree more...

So yeah...BF3 MP = awesome, I'd like to see CoD bring something to the table that tops that.
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