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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
It's called balance. A lot of people who say how they love the game leave out the flaws or just go too far with their view of how good it is.
well I think another thing is everyone is different in regards to how much of a bad thing they're willing to tolerate if there is something else about the game that they really like.

For me, I absolutely loved far cry 2 yet the general consensus on the internet is that they wouldn't piss on the abomination if it were on fire. Everyone hated the respawn checkpoints in the game and while yeah it got annoying at times, I overlooked it because the open nature free roam capability meant that you could drive around it or just go a different way to get from point A to point B. Sure the missions were uninspiring and got repetitive but the visuals alone were enough for me to forgive and enjoy the game.

With rage though, there are simply too many games that are better in my opinion in virtually every aspect that I would rather play than buy, let alone, play rage. I'll end up getting rage late in the year if there's a steam sale or whenever it hits $25~$30.
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