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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 "Five"

Should be fun. I doubt it will look any different than IV but it would be surprising if they did manage to up the visuals a bit.

I think I honestly just got burned out on the series with Vice city. I play that game for months and months and eventually saw it through to near 100% completion.

I played LA for maybe a few days and just couldn't get interested in it and later borrowed my brother's copy of IV and similarly, after a few hours, just put it down.

Red Dead though was fun. I played a while but got caught up with Halo reach and never picked RDR back up.

Depending on the reviews I may or may not get this one before bargain bin but hopefully by the time I decide, I'll know if it's coming to PC or not. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come to pc.
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