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Default Re: Which will you buy and play ? PC only poll

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
I overheard a convo in the bathroom today between a few guys (these are all air force/army guys) one of them asking the other 2 if they'd picked up BF3 yet, him saying he was going to best buy at lunch to get it.

The other 2 were pretty much like "meh nah I'm waiting for MW3 as are all my buddies"

the other guy pretty much echoed that he was also going to just wait for MW3 and that all the guys deployed are telling people back over here to send copies of MW3 over to the desert when it comes out and that pretty much no one is expressing much interest in BF3.

I don't know if it's simply a matter of no one knowing what it is or what?? Maybe just the "MW2 was awesome so MW3 will be awesome" mentality.

Just from that conversation alone, it seems as though this is going to play out just like we assumed it would for the console players. It's going to take either word of mouth or actually seeing/sitting down an playing BF3 before people see that there are better alternatives to modern warfare out there.
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