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Default Re: Next Generation Video Cards

Originally Posted by Kain View Post
How big of a performance increase can we expect from going from a GTX 580 to a GTX 680 and going from a HD 6970 to a HD 7970?

I am thinking about buying two GTX 580s in SLI but the last thing I want is having a single GTX 680 coming close or matching the performance of two GTX 580s in SLI for half the price.
If I was to guess, being that 28nm -> 40nm is a bigger jump than 55nm -> 40nm was, probably the jump will be bigger than GTX 280 to GTX 480 and 4870 to 5870 was. The last round of upgrades was pretty lame because they were both stuck on the same process as before, so 480 to 580 was just really from yield improvements and minor fixes, and 5870 to 6970 was a architecture change with minor improvements.

Theres a few factors that are up in the air though, AMD is changing architecture again, which in theory should yield even better improvements, but then fermi was supposed to do that too, and it ended up being less of an upgrade for it. Another factor is, NV might go for a smaller chip similar to AMD this time around and instead of a doubling of shaders and hardware, they might only go for 50% for 768 shaders, which could cut into the amount of an upgrade we see.

All thign considered, I'd say 80% or so is likely, and 100+% is possible.
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