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Exclamation Halleluyah

I been fighting this for about 12 hours straight.

Choppy mouse, file transfers slow to a crawn, unless I insipre some network traffic, then they come back to life. Computer is unuseable when the network is active.

I tried haparm, new kernels, tweeking samba heavily. Finally this stupid NVIDIA driver. How can they not know it breaks RH9 when they specifically make changes for RH9!?!?!

Anyway, I had to get the 256 driver, and plug the nvnet directory into the 261 since the 256 compile does not work on RH9.

Hey look! thats the fix they claimed they put into 261, but I guess not..

Anyway, rockin and rolling again. Wife can get off my back over her 1/2 hour loggons
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