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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 "Five"

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
IMO, most PC games are just simple ports from the console version. Why wait years for the exact same quality game? And IMO, I just want simplicity: pop in a disc and just freakin play and enjoy the game. No tinkering, tweaking or messing with settings. Just play and enjoy the game. Most BF3 threads on the Internet I see are about settings, not about gameplay lol.

Oh and maybe play with close friends who don't game on PCs.
If you think you can just pop in a disk and play with today consoles for optimal play, you're wrong. Consoles are more like PC's now days. Install to HDD or play from disk, longer load times, patches and all that with lower fidelity. Tinkering is the nature of the PC, so unless all PC are the same spec, it's going to stay that way.

Spendng a few minutes setting up a game for optimal play for the gain of better fidelity is worth it. Enjoy your longer loading times, swapping disks, while it loads in a quarter of the time on my PC and I'm up and running.
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