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Default Re: Most frustrating game

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Battlefield 3 MP

Killed by people under the map (operation metro the guy was under the rocks kill cam showed a gun from under a little hill, he was inside / under it), killed by people that are invisible or at least are to the kill cam, killed every time you try to move, my gun is a squirt gun yours is real... nothing like emptying a clip into someone's head and then getting shot once and dying while reloading... I'm beginning to absolutely hate unlock trees - makes it impossible for someone that is level 1 to compete with a level 20 that has much higher powered weapons... I want companies to stop that **** already.

...either people have already hacked the hell outta the game or they are exploiting every bug that still exists from the beta. Either way I was about ready to uninstall it today it was so frustrating.
you are putting WAY too much emphasis on the guns/unlocks. it is all about experience, and whether you learn from it any good player can dominate with the worst guns. i attribute MAYBE 10% of deaths could be reversed if weapons were balanced, but even that is pushing it.
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