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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
you are putting WAY too much emphasis on the guns/unlocks. it is all about experience, and whether you learn from it any good player can dominate with the worst guns. i attribute MAYBE 10% of deaths could be reversed if weapons were balanced, but even that is pushing it.
Sadly, I wish that were true... my k/d was always under 1.0 until I unlocked the M249 today. Been trying to get my hands back on it as I was a killing machine with it in the beta. With the 249 I'm finally able to compete again and finish with + k/d. Not that k/d means everything in Rush or Conquest but you are a lot more effective alive then shot.

It just sucks I had to suffer so many bad rounds to get my hands back on that beast again.
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Oh, if the whole world had only one neck for me to squeeze in my hands...
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