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Default Re: Most frustrating game

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Sadly, I wish that were true... my k/d was always under 1.0 until I unlocked the M249 today. Been trying to get my hands back on it as I was a killing machine with it in the beta. With the 249 I'm finally able to compete again and finish with + k/d. Not that k/d means everything in Rush or Conquest but you are a lot more effective alive then shot.

It just sucks I had to suffer so many bad rounds to get my hands back on that beast again.
thats true some guns are a lot better, but if you are having better results with that gun, it just means your game style goes well with the mechanics of that gun. the key is to change up your gameplay so that with any gun you can dominate. obviously this is easier said than done
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