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Default Re: Most frustrating game

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I gotta call BS on this one. The guns you unlock are more powerful, thus less shots...
Hell no, they don't make it like that because it would be unbalanced and unfair if you don't have unlocks, and people like you would rightly complain, but it isn't. There's not only damage but recoil, rate of fire, deviation, etc. The m249 has some gnarly muzzle flash compared to the stock gun as well. Chat it up with demize99 on twitter if you want, he's the one that designed them and often good at responding.

And hunt the mg3 wasn't permantently op. after rebalancing it stood out so had to be balanced again.

if you want proof, the list of unlocks in bad company 2 and their time to kill for assault was

aek .075s
xm8 .08s
f2000 .0706s
aug .0857s
an94 .1s
m416 .0857s
m16a2 .075s

your first gun takes less time than your second! your 4th unlock takes the longest to kill! your last unlock takes as long to kill as your stock gun! now learn how to play better and quit blaming the guns
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