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Question X takes his time...

Yes, my big problem is the maximisation and, unfortunetaly for me, i'm running fluxbox and it streches through both screens. Maybe it will be fix in further versions, i saw there was a problem with xinerama too...

And for the records i don't like kde much and only see gnome on a 19" or 21" screen, which i don't

Well, i hope i'm not forking this thread too much but i installed the nvidia drivers on a friend's box yesterday, and now the xserver takes a while to startx. For both screens, it takes more than 7 minutes !! (for the "nvidia one" alone, more than 5 !) I tried with and w/o agpart/NvAGP, and none of it changed anything. This append since i installed the drivers... This doesn't hurt anyone but it's quite annoying.

Did you ever heard of such thing ?
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