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Default Re: NVIDIA, please, fix Adobe Flash 10.2.x and 10.3.x

Originally Posted by one_and_only View Post
...(and about 2x50% while the video is buffering - is this an issue on windows?)
On Windows high CPU usage while buffering is ab old and well known issue that's been there for years. It's almost impossible to watch 720p flash videos without dropped frames on APU C-50 systems while the flash player buffering the video from YouTube. As soon as buffering ends - video displays smoothly without noticeable frame dropping.

Originally Posted by one_and_only View Post
And overlay bug still exists.
Actually I'm so bored with Flash Player issues under Linux that even don't want to spend my time checking new beta just to run into a bunch of old and new bugs. For now I resort to watching flash videos under Google Chrome on my linux workstation as it is the only semi-bug-free way to do it. Same flashplayer binary under Firefox 7.0.1 works slowly as hell and almost hangs Firefox each time I try to open up more than three pages with embedded flash content. God bless HTML5, I wish this cross-platform technology a great success and would be happy to see Adobe Flash to be burned in flames.
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