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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 "Five"

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Depends on what game you play. I've yet to play a game on the 360 that you have to install on the HDD. Every game I've played on the 360 has been pop in a disk and play. Simple, done. XBL has been excellent, no problems so far and graphics look great in 1080P.

PC gamers don't spend just a few minutes tweaking, they spend longer than that. Take a look at the current BF3 thread. SETTINGS AND TWEAKS GALORE OMGWTF!!111 I just want to play the game, not tweak. I just spend most of my day tweaking networks and servers, so it's the last thing I want to do when it comes to gaming, aka my hobby. I'm sick of tweaking/tinkering.

Devs are screwing PC gamers over more and more, and I finally just got tired of missing out on awesome games because of it.

I'll take longer loading times and swapping disks for an easier setup and the ability to play with my co-workers and friends. None of them have decent PCs (they don't want to play on what they work on) and they all game on the 360.
Come on Six, it's what we do here and we like to get the best out of the settings before we play it. Defaults usually suck.
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