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Default Crysis 2: How can...

A game have enemy AI this horrible and live?

Yes, this warranted a new thread. HL1's enemy AI blows this out of the water. The game is pretty - yay.

Playing on Veteran "difficulty" (the irony of that word here....)

I can kill a bad guy with a sneak attack and his buddy less than 3 feet away shouts "ALL CLEAR!" This is repeatable.

A whole horde of the idiots (on FDR dr.) "spots me", calls for more troops and air support while the guy in front of me is shouting "ALL CLEAR!" and they're all patrolling instead of attacking so they obviously don't see me.

I'm only just past the FDR dr. enemy checkpoint and I could carry on for 20 minutes about all the stupid AI I've seen. L. O. Frikken L. This is pathetic.

And the refined suit controls suck. And the visor sucks.

And yeah I know the game has been out for a bit, but it's new to me.

Other than that - fun game.

Rant over Had to get that out of my system.
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