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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Thanks Grey, i'm a little worried that the 570 only has a 320bit memory bus speed, 285 is 512bit, is the 570 that much faster that this becomes irrelevant?
I don't think you'll even notice it tbh. Anandtech's review is pretty unbiased and has some good info.

Also, if you're open to an ATI card, the 6970 (or 6950 for that matter) would give you a noticeable bump.

The thing is...the 285 is still a powerhouse, so it obviously wouldn't be like going from an 8800GTS to a 570, but you would still be able to run at any rez with high (or max) settings with most games.

EDIT: The only reason I haven't mentioned the 580, which would give you the biggest increase, is you mentioned the "b" word.

I fully understand that....unfortunately
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