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Default Re: Distribution downgrade and now poor performance with h264/mplayer/vdpau on G210

The config you pasted in another thread showed questionable settings in your config file. Try at least without the autosync and af surround/pan settings.

Probably not directly related to the problem described here but still wrong/questionable are also
"demuxer=lavf" (it's not the best demuxer for ALL formats; lavf is already the default for most of the formats it is appropriate for in mplayer2)
the ac/afm settings (What exactly is the goal of those? What problem are you trying to avoid?)
forcedsubsonly (does this really make sense as the default for all files?)
vfm=ffmpeg is mostly pointless, libavcodec decoders are already used for most formats.

Do you really want to enable deinterlacing for all videos by default, so that it's active even for non-interlaced ones?

Also a saner way to write "nojoystick=yes" would be "joystick=no" (there was a bug related to this in mplayer1, but it should work fine in mplayer2).
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