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Default Re: Most frustrating game

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
But there were a few weapons that were CLEARLY better in every way to other weapons. Like the Gustov or whatever that rocket launcher was called. It was a nuke, basically. Or the MG42 (I think that was the one)... ANY medic that had it unlocked used it... there were no equal alternatives.
Yeah but the guy wielding the Gustav had no ability to heal himself (hardcore only obv.), no ability to refresh his own ammo, no ability to call in mortar strikes. I speak as one who played an engineer heavily in BC2 & now again in BF3. However grouping us with people that can do those sorts of things and we become a wrecking ball.

Are some items OP? Maybe, but there will ALWAYS be OP/UP match-ups between weapons based on the situation. I would not expect someone with a sniper rifle to do well in close range combat against someone with a PDW.

I think a lot of people also forget that BF reduces damage based on distance more so than most other games. For instance you cannot shoot someone from 100+ yards away with a PDW of any kind and expect to do any amount of damage to a person. Take the same shot with a carbine, LMG or sniper and you'll get good -> great damage.

And also remember that suppression plays a very important role now to the point that someone under suppression cannot effectively cause damage due to misses / damage reduction. The only special case to this are the pistols which are not affected by suppression, which is why the guy who pulls out the pistol in a face to face fire fight wins, and also why pistols in some cases "appear" to be so powerful.
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