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Default Re: Dell Precision M6500 - Nvidia Quadro FX 2800M - Unusable with Gnome3

hi all,
i have the same laptop running fedora 15 & 16 and had the same problem which was in addition to the "... fallen of the bus" one. the problem occurred immediately with gnome 3 using external monitor that was hooked to the displayport. the problem happened once in a long while in kde & windows 7. there was no problem when i used nouveau (nouveau is no go for me since it does not support displayport) which made me think that only nvidia driver that uses all hardware feature triggers the problem. the fact that it happened also with windows made me think that the hardware is the problem. i called dell and asked them to replace my video card. now i have a new card and everything works fine. no problem for the last 2 weeks in gnome 3. so my suggestion to you guys is call dell and ask for a new video card.
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