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Default Re: NVIDIA, please, fix Adobe Flash 10.2.x and 10.3.x

Originally Posted by lexa2 View Post
And what about bugs? X server and/or kernel hangs when using VDPAU? Flash content overlaying through black color key? Xlib warnings and errors due to flash player not behaving correctly with multithreaded accesses to Xlib? Heavy CPU utilization brining down even decent processors like Intel Core i5-2500K? Xinerama/TwinView vs. Fullscreen problems?
I agree, since some nVidia module version VDPAU has not work, so now VDPAU loses its functionality for me. At least H.264 is multi-threaded and I do not have to worry too much with VDPAU. Also using OpenGL for video playback is getting bad, so I am back to square one of using old API like XVideo.

I am using a different setup than Xinerama and TwinView. Each of my monitors are separate from each other, so there is no spanning when the video is put in fullscreen.

My computer uses a Core 2 Duo T7300 and it only have a problem when playing back 1080p and Flash content. I mainly use Flashblock for everything. Flash Player 9 works better than 10 and 11, but Adobe prefers to keep adding crap and after crap. Also Adobe prefers to be an ass of taking out XVideo which actually worked quite well for me compared to this OpenGL crap for Flash.

Adobe is the culprit of bad software development. Then nVidia has to create workarounds to make Flash work. The workarounds then make a functioning API turn to crap. Comparing Adobe Acrobat Reader to Okular, Okular is several times better because it is faster and feels more responsive.

I do believe that Ubuntu community made Linux become like crap. Linux functions great until Ubuntu came along.
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