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Default Re: Most frustrating game

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
No, I don't want all guns to be the same. But saying guns are balanced when they CLEARLY had the ONE gun in a few classes that was CLEARLY superior to the other options is kind of stupid.

And yeah, being killed by a mobile nuclear missile is really dumb. I get it, you love Battlefield. I'll have my fun playing games where I don't just get camped on and have to run about 20 minutes before I find another person.
What exactly do you mean by balanced? Cause unless you mean that you want all guns to be identical, some are gonna be (clearly) better than others, and are gonna give you an advantage over others, but this will, at the most, 5% of the time. focus on getting better instead of blaming the game like i said before, the top players are at the top because of their skills, NOT because of the weapons they use.
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