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Default Re: PCSX2 (GSdx) and Dolphin under wine - graphical output corrupted

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
At the risk of asking a stupid question... Why are you using the Windows version of pcsx2? The native Linux version runs very fine here. Though maybe you'll need to compile the svn version, but I recall there are pre-compiled versions on the pcsx2 forums.
GSdx hardware renderer is faster and more accurate than zzogl for most games. Even the older versions of gsdx (which work with wine and nvidia drivers) are faster and more accurate. I need to run zzogl-pg with profile guided optimisation to get decent performance, but its still slower than gsdx hardware.

Dolphin linux version is pretty good, but even in that case there are some reasons to run the windows version e.g xenoblade hle audio hack which only works with xaudio2 (not supported on linux). That and some have claimed that the opengl version is slower but I've yet to fully test this.
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