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Default Graphics on nForce2 issues

I have recently built and linux-ified an MSI K7N2G-L system which the nForce chipset and onboard geForce 4.

I am having a few issues with the nVidia driver.

1. Glitchy-artefacts are appearing on the screen (bits of other windows) when in X. They vanish when that part of the screen is modified, but they are pretty frequent and it is important that they don't appear any more.

2. Running glxgears (to test opengl graphics) seems to non-deterministically fail with one of the following:

a. straight segfault
b. very very high frame rate glxgears for about a second followed by segfault
c. another error message I've only seen once ("illegal instruction"?)
d. a poorly-rendered first frame (polygons all over the place) and a kernel panic (CAPS and SCROLL lights flashing and only recoverable with Magic SysReq).

I will attach XF86Config-4 and XFree86.log
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