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Default Re: total freeze linux 3.1.0

Originally Posted by eskuai View Post

i am again frustated because my system is totaly freezed using lastest linux 3.1.0
and last nv drivers, 286.05.09 and 290.03

totally freezed, not keyboard, no way to reboot , no way to go init 3 ... and
nothing in logs. ..

how can i do to "test" this problem? ...

i am trying to downgrade linux 3.0.8 this night ...
I've tried both 286.05.09 and 290.03 with 3.1.0 and have had no such freezes. I'm on Debian Testing (Wheezy). Is this repeatable? I wonder if it's temp related. Open the Nvidia Settings and look at the thermal sensor info to see what happens before a freeze.
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