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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Yes it is some amazing mystery. The few sites that tested the Beefdozer at 19X10 for gaming, and better yet at 19X10 8X AA like H, found that when you take the CPU out of the test the Beefdozer does just as well as the other CPUs.

All that is missing at this point are the "Bulldozer vs SB hard disk seek time benches" and the "Bulldozer vs SB monitor Grey to Grey response time" tests.
While I agree that Bulldozer is failsauce. There is a point to the tests...which is simply that when you are has comparable performance. I'm not sure what the multithreaded performance numbers are like but I'm sure the performance delta narrows with 8 threads active.

I'd like to see MB manufacturers enable an option like: Emulate Hyper threading in the bios which may distribute the loads across BD cores more effectively.

Anyway...the future is fusion....not the Constructicons (bulldozer, piledriver, ditchwitch, landini or whatever other stupid names AMD comes up with)

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