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Default Help with hot 560s in SLI

Hi, I realise that running 2 560s in SLI was never going to be chilly. But the fan noise is driving me nuts and I want to try and lower the temps. I have 2 x Palit Sonic Platinum 560s (they have the single fan coolers).

In a room of around 28 degrees they idle: lower card at 39, upper card at 44. During gaming I've seen them as high as 95 upper and 86 lower. For some reason 95 seems the limit so I'm not sure if the card is throttling at that point. But at 95 degrees the fan is screaming at 100%.

From what I've read, +10 degrees on the upper card is about normal for SLI. So far, I've swapped the cards round, temps are still the same (so its not just that one card). I have 2 large intake fans and 3 large exhaust fans on my case. I also have a fan over the GPU area. If I have the GPU area fan blowing on the cards it adds about +4 degrees. If I have it drawing air off the cards I get +2 degrees. It actually seems better with no fan.

At the moment I have the side off the case and the top card temps are still in the 90s. I've been reading about reapplying a decent thermal paste. Will this help enough to justify removing the warranty stickers over the heatsink screws?
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