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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Nobody said it was perfect, nether is Steam. People will like Battlelog, some people won't but I think it's a nice way to free up in-game server browser development into something that can give a lot more information.

Some of you people have memory loss about your favourite game or software when it was launched, and call much younger software a POS. You guys should spend less time bashing clients and software, using the high ground of mature patched software.


I don't know why you even bother commenting in the PC forum, you've clearly made your views clear you don't like PC gaming anymore, so just GTFO here into the console forum then. BF3 is good for PC gaming, probably better than Crysis did because it's just better optimised and balanced all round.
I agree with you about BF3 being good for the PC community, it's actually not bad as far as bugs go either, so they did do a decent job there. Overall I like the game, it's definitely something I do enjoy now, so it's not like I hate the game. I hate the overly rough process of trying to install or play the game.

And yes, Steam was a pita back in the day for somethings, but it turned out to really help PC gaming a ton. Now it's more robust and efficient, I love Steam and hope it thrives.
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