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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post

I don't know why you even bother commenting in the PC forum, you've clearly made your views clear you don't like PC gaming anymore, so just GTFO here into the console forum then. BF3 is good for PC gaming, probably better than Crysis did because it's just better optimised and balanced all round.
Fair enough, but that isn't going to shut me out from stating my opinion, regardless of platform. Again, I'll own the 360 version one day and I'll be able to talk more about the game itself. I'm glad that PC gamers got a game that was tailored to them. It's about time!

Back on topic, I finally got a friend who bought the game and he said that SP and MP are great, regardless of the fact the servers have had some issues the past week. Looking forward to getting a copy sometime in another two or three months.
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