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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
I guess while you were being a rocket scientist you didn't notice that its not just Origin, it opens the battlelog browser, because thats how you find games. I guess you didn't notice that it takes 80mb RAM and a much larger chunk of proc time than you stated. I guess having a lot of money to waste on PC components doesn't make you smart...
Even if this were true, which is isn't, are you really going to bitch about 80mb of ram and a few CPU cycles with what the average PC is capable of these days?

For the record it's using 71mb on my computer, which is 12mb more than Steam does on the same system.

Seriously, 12mb is nothing, it's less than nothing. 12mb will make zero difference in the way a modern PC runs. In fact, I could have 1000 processes running and using that much memory and it wouldn't effect my PC performance at all.

If you are really having issues with the extra 10-15mb that Origin uses you need a better computer. Otherwise you are just bitching for no reason.
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