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Default geforce (mx 440) and viewing both tv & monitor)

Hello ,
I have installed nvidia geforce (mx 440) on linux (RedHat 9).
Now I had configured the XF86Config file , so that when I
I had added "Screen_tvout800" section definitions , so that when I
perofrm "startx --1 :1 -bpp 24 -Screen Screen_tvout800"
and the svideo of tv is connected to the card, I see on the
TV what I usually saw on the computer when I perform "startx".

There are 2 problems:
The monitor screen becomes black
when I perforn that "startx" above.
Is there a way to view both tv & monitor ?

second : when I perform "killall X" , the monitor screen becomes
black (The TV screen cease to show the contents
of the Computer X windows).
Is there a way that I can return control to the monitor?

(I assume that if the first problem will be solved,
than the solution also solves the second).
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