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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Do you own the game and have you been playing it?
Can we get some modding done in this thread, no one wants to hear about Ninja's issues when he doesn't even play the game.
I can't believe there are still trolls in here bitching about the features of a game they haven't even got.
Awful lot of teen angst going on over a product you don't even own.
So morons, since you don't know how to read, and don't have two brain cells to rub together between the 4 of you, let me quote myself for you:

Theres some nice ones, and then theres the ones that just piss you off royal. Those maps like metro and the other one I cant remember, where you all get funneled down these little corridors. Those are so unfun. One idiot camping with a LMG with a bipod can mow down 10 to 1 with little to no chance of the 10 killing him.
So, tell me, if I don't have the game, what was I saying here? You 4 can go jack each other off again about how even though every gaming website in the world is going on about how battlelog sucks, you guys think its great. Because you're exactly the type of vapid sucker EA is looking to sell these "features" to.
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