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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
It's a great game. It has its bugs but they will be worked out. BF2 had way more bugs. You couldn't even tell if you hit the person with out the blood mod.

I am a huge BF fan but have never liked their actual program. It is traditionally bloated, slow and buggy. I still play it because the basic game is fantastic. DICE is just horrible at writing programs. This time however they got the server ui right. It simply is not consolized... you know being in a web browser an all.

Here, you guys can look me up. Below is my BF3 game tag. I have a VERY low accuracy because I unload my clip when ever I get the chance. You know shooting in the air and at tankers that blow up. Yeah, I like doing that stupid stuff.

I have an unnatural love for LMGs and spraying suppression fire all over too. Luckly for me they made the support class have the ammo box this time. Also, my second love is for explosions, so equally lucky, support has the C4 too.

KainNinja is my ID.
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