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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Guess ive been quite luck with this game so far ... Ive had one BSOD and only a hand full of lockups\CTD, From time to time i get alittle lagg, 99.9% of my BF3 gaming though has been a blast and BF3 has already hit the top spot for my favorite online game EVER.

One thing that annoyed me was the mortars .... I wasn't aware you could re-deploy them, The first time i used them i was stuck there, Couldn't figure out how to detach from the mortar i had to suicide lol, I didn't think you could detach from the mortar once deployed. Only tonight i discovered that while you have your mortar out press "E" to detach from the mortar and hold "R" to pick the mortar up.

Does anybody know how seeing enemy's on your mortar map works? I mean are the people you see on the map only people that have been spotted? Or are they also people who are firing a weapon without a suppressor too?
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