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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
Based on the Official Fault Line Gameplay Trailer it sure gave the impression of a AAA, balls to the wall single player experience.... Or is this actually a mutliplayer trailer? I know I certainly would have purchased for singleplayer after seeing this. Why would they release this kind of trailer if it's supposed to be assumed only the multiplayer is good? The only reason I didn't buy it is because I started hearing comments about how bad
Same reason why people get caught up on value, same reason why BioShock 2 had multiplayer that wasn't needed. Because reviewers and many games are mentally ticking checkboxes: single player check, co-op check, multiplayer check. These things help them justify that it's "worth" buying even though they never really look at the game's core experience.

Imagine for a second you had the absolute best multiplayer game (pick your own) with only one amazing multiplayer map. Now try to justify buying a game with one map. Tricky right? Again this takes precedence over the fact that this multiplayer game is better than anything else. One bit of information is numerical - factual. The other is subjective and might not apply to everybody.

I see single player and co-op in BF3 as neat little preludes to the multiplayer, it was fun enough for me. Quality similar to Medal of Honor which I thought was alright.

As funny as it sounds I think the inclusion of single player actually hurt the game ratings more than if it was just bot match. It's easy to criticize and therefore you have a group of cons that can fit nicely near a review score. Yet they are irrelevant unless you don't plan on playing the multiplayer.
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