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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
unlocked rocket pods for jets... although i got the main ideas of dogfighting now, it is still a struggle to bring down a plane with the pilot together. once i shot the plane down, and the pilot got ejected upwards into the sky, and i turned around and splattered him all over the c0ckpit as he was parachuting down.

my main struggle is that once i bring the mouse all the way down my mousepad, i have to lift it up and bring it to the top again, and this break in the turn is what allows tons of guys to get away.

also, does anyone know what causes the jets to shake violently? because it happens to me very often and it is hard to aim when you are sitting inside of a blender.

I plugged in my xbox 360 controller, much much easier to fly with. Button config is a bit weird, but after trying a few different variations i found the default set up works the best for me. I'm still no good with a jet, but it's definitely a lot easier than with the mouse.
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