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Default Re: Help with hot 560s in SLI

Hi, I think the space between the pci-e slots is definitely an issue. Last night whilst they were running at 89 / 79 degrees I turned the fan speeds up manually. The temps dropped to 86 / 66! This was under heavy load. So it seems theres nothing wrong with the actual cards, just the bottom card heating the top one.

I only have 2 x pci-e slots (other than 1x slots)... so I can't move the card over either. This is my mobo:

I've currently got the side of the case off and I've tried a strong 120mm fan all around the cards but in most cases it increases the temp by 4 degrees and at best lowers it by 1 degrees.

Although, I have managed to get them to 80 / 65 by putting them back to stock speeds, lowering the voltage to 1000mv and having the fans on 75%. But at 75% the fans are really irritating.

Would this fit / help?

This is the card I want to fit it to:
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