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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by ahheadlock View Post
i dont know why people hate the SP so much. it wasn't that bad. It was pretty much a COD game with better graphics and sound. Yeah it could have been better or more original but it certainly wasn't bad.
Didn't get it either, I liked the SP, wasn't a huge fan of the quick time events especially at the end, but I thought the plot was slightly above your standard COD fare, altho not vastly different or innovative. The visuals, sounds, really suck you in. Really enjoying the MP as well though I can't fly to save my life, I stick to tanks and infantry and flag capping/defending. Had a game last night that my squad dominated protecting the Hill flag on Caspian, scored almost 6000 points that round just from defending that one flag and reviving squadmates. FUN!
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