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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 "Five"

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
Since you switched over to 360, what are you doing on a PC thread? Go for gaming on a console dude if that's your new thing, but you don't need to pitch consoles or discuss the merits of consoles vs pc here. There are other places for that. This is a PC game thread. You don't like to tweak, yet you are in a pc game thread where tweaking goes hand in hand with pc.

This is the bad thing about having single game threads on forums. 25% is about the game and 75% is about everything else but the game.

As far as a GTA 5, dunno if I can hang or not. I already got rid of GTA 4, couldn't get myself up to play it anymore. I'm pretty much burned out of the whole GTA thing. I'll keep one eye open to see what the skinny is but that's about it.
Couldn't agree more. When I read the BF3 thread, it took me a while to get SP impressions because everyone was mainly talking about tweaking the heck out of it.

As for the separate threads, I guess I could do that. Guess that means we will need to move this thread to Console World then huh? It'll be another 2 years before PC sees this lol
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