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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 "Five"

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Couldn't agree more. When I read the BF3 thread, it took me a while to get SP impressions because everyone was mainly talking about tweaking the heck out of it.

As for the separate threads, I guess I could do that. Guess that means we will need to move this thread to Console World then huh? It'll be another 2 years before PC sees this lol
That's because hardly anyone is bothered about the SP in BF3 and well consoles users cannot talk about tweaking because they cannot tweak, they get 30fps, low/medium settings end of story, get what they're given. PC don't always like the defaults, especially if the game is a console port as it tends to look blurry. You might be fine with the pre-set fidelity with the consoles since there is nothing you can do about it anyway, with PC that's different.

Many high end products give you options to tweak that might improve your personal experience because defaults don't suit everyone, especially people who want more out of their product.
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