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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3 Benefiting From Battlefield 3 Origin Deal

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
Why do you guys care how much a game sells? What the hell does that have to do with you enjoying the game? More than that, why do you care if a one game sells more than another game. I don't get it. Huge debate rage between BF3 and MW3. WHO THE F cares if one out sells the other? Who cares which is better. If you like the game play it.
Obviously, if BF3 outsells MW3, then all devs will acknowledge the dominance of the PC platform and abandon their hopeless development of console games. Right? RIGHT? CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? WHY CAN'T YOU ****ING SEE THAT?

Yea, it's a retarded debate.
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