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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
I HATE the flashlights. Half the time my own team is blinding me. The other half you have morons that think it gives them an advantage by blinding you. I kill far more of them who try to blind me than they kill me. It is just another stupid idea morons use as an advantage. It is kind of like jumping in MOH or COD. It really doesn't do anything but people still jump around like jackasses because they are reactionary twits who just copy what other morons are doing. This is why I LOVE games with jump delays on landing. It keeps people from being morons in front of me.
True story:

I had an instructor (either Tom Givens or Louis Awerbuck) who relayed an interesting flashlight story. An officer was approaching a suspect with weapon drawing and flashlight on. He was using an FBI hold for his flashlight, i.e. pistol in strong hand; flashlight in weak hand raised above his head. During the exchange of fire, the bad guy shot for the light. The bullet went clean through the flashlight housing.

Good stuff.
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