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Default Re: DICE: Lead Developement of BF3 Switched To Consoles.

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Who's crying?

It's relevant because DICE lied. It's not about consoles, it's about saying that lead development was on the PC, when it wasn't. Johan Andersson said they were using the PC as a lead platform at the GeForce LAN no less than 3 weeks ago.
You are right they lied, want I should go rough em up a bit?

It was the lead. They started doing PC first then they switched. They didn't lie at all. Next he will say New Coke tastes better than original Coke.

I get a kick out of you guys. You take this stuff seriously. This stuff is meaningless.

Johan Andersson, if I EVER SEE that LYING BASTARD in game, I'm totally going to blow him up.


I just go Johan Andersson's dog tags. The world is a safer and better place nao.
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