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Default Re: DICE: Lead Developement of BF3 Switched To Consoles.

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
I think people are more bothered by how upset you appear to be because a company, which tried to serve the PC community the best it could, told a small lie because of time constraints. I mean they're a business at the end of the day. They don't give a **** if they lie, they have to meet deadlines.

It's just strange because you would think you'd be ecstatic that a company had PC gamers in mind first and foremost. In fact, so ecstatic, that any "lies" resulting from mere business decisions that have little to no impact on the game, would be inconsequential...
Well, you clearly don't give a sh*t how the game gets to you, so long as they don't kill your pets or hurt your family, lies mean nothing, obviously.

I expect any business to be straight with me or they get no business from me. DICE said this after releasing the game to get more sales because I'm sure it would have hurt PC sales if they said it before. Lying to customers is clearly the norm then.
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