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Default Re: DICE: Lead Developement of BF3 Switched To Consoles.

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
I think most people are interpreting it wrong still. The technology and engine of the game are obviously PC centric, DX10, DX11 only. The console influence only comes in with the UI, spawn interface, and map scaling, nothing to do with how the game runs or performs.
YOu have no clue what you are talking about. Go ask someone who knows things over at B3D how much of the graphics tech that make BF3 look great is related to DX10 or DX11, its almost none. The main thing that makes it look good is their LOD and virtual texturing system, and it was designed to run on the current consoles. If BF3 was a cake, DX10 and DX11 effects are just the little sprinkles on top to make it look pretty.
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