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Default Re: Glx, Tls, 4499, Amd64

Originally posted by msc
My system: Dual Opteron, Redhat 2.9ELsmp, GeForce FX5600, 4499 driver.
Like several others here, if I try to load glx, X dies. I get a signal 11. I've attached my XF86Config, as well as the two log files (with and without glx).

I've also tried using the SuSE fix on the NVIDIA download page. Same result.

One difference between what I am doing and at least one other person here who has been successful, is that my /lib/ supports TLS (Thread-Local Storage), and theirs did not. According to the README from nvidia, there should be additional tls libraries installed in /usr/lib/tls.

However, there are no tls libraries included in the nvidia 4499 tarballs, even though the Makefile for the glx libraries refers to them.

TLS may have nothing to do with the problem, but, like the installer, it is something that the README says is included, but isn't.

Can anyone who has this working check to see if their supports TLS. To do so, simply enter /lib/ and see if it says "Thread-local storage support included."

Thanks for any help.
After running the Nvidia-installer with the --advanced-options, option. You can try to install it using the following command. ----force-tls=new

I have not tried it, but it may work for you. Check the options, to see which one will/may work for you.

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