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Default Re: Return to the Castle Wolfenstein and GeForce4 420 Go

Originally posted by joaorf
I have a laptop with a GeForce4 420 Go, and SuSE 8.2. I have installed the demo of Return to the Castle Wolfenstein (
After installing, I run the wolfspdemo and I am able to see the first screen and browse through all the options.

But when I try to play the game, right on the loading stage where the image of "Office of Secret Actions" and the message "Please wait..." appears, the program crashes and exits. Apparently, the console messages don't tell anything about what went wrong:
LOADING... - game media done
LOADING... flamechunks
LOADING... clients
LOADING... WolfPlayer
trying fonts/bigFont.TGA...
UI menu load time = 38 milli seconds
Received signal 11, exiting...
Shutdown tty console

I have successfully played this game on other NVidia cards (TNT2, GeForce2 and GeForce4). And I am able to play Unreal Tournment 2003 on this same system.
Does GeForce4 420 Go have any incompatibility with RTCW?
Has anybody been able to play RTCW with this card?
Have you installed any of the RTCW demo updates??

As they usually fix some problems relating to OpenGL. AS the windows based version uses Directx.

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