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Originally posted by zander
You shouldn't be seeing these messages unless the system has data integrity problems, they typically indicate that something bad has happened.
quoting an email from an LKML developer(

The 'badness in pci_find_subsys' may not be related to your hang.

The NVidia msgs are basically caused by the fact that pci_find_slot() is
getting called in an interrupt, so we trigger the WARN_ON in pci_find_subsys().
The worry here is that we may be walking the PCI list on the interrupt side
while something else is hotplugging a new device into existence, causing it to
walk off the end of a inconsistent list. Unless you actually crapped out right
at 13:08:23, it's probably unrelated.

(I was getting the same NVidia traceback on a regular basis (3-4 at every start
of the X server, and 1 at X server shutdown) under 2.5.72-mm3, they stopped
when I went to 2.5.73-mm1. If you're still seeing them in 2.6.0-test1, I would
suspect something different in the -mm series is fixing them for me - first place
to look is what got added between 72-mm3 and 73-mm1.
For what it's worth, I still get this pci badness in 2.6.0. I'd think that NV would want to clean things up.
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