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Default Re: GTX590's only 553 MHZ under Linux

Originally Posted by artem View Post
I doubt there are more than a few people in the whole world running Linux and GTX590 in SLI.
I am not running GTX590 in SLI, just using two cards for CUDA applications. The cards not working under Linux!!! and also there are many other people with the same problem, mainly serious institutions. How you will feel if you have 20 cards and they don't work properly ..

Originally Posted by stadel View Post
We have the exact same problem and we have 20 gtx590 cards in 5 nodes.
Also, we tried unsuccessfully to up the fan speeds on the cards from 50%, all we got was a seg fault. Further, setting Option "Coolbits" "1" did not give us the extra menu tab in nvidia-settings. Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated!
stadel Instead of "Coolbits" "1" use "Coolbits" "5". It will work fine for the fan control. I tested that on many systems.
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