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Excellent, Wolfman,

Many thanks. That only took me since 4 pm this evening to find!!! Nvidia should have this posted up on the readme file somewhere since this is a straight up new installation of Fedora1.

Since this is a fresh installation of don't also happen to know why my Samba file shares are missing too do you??? SMB is running and I can surf the web just fine, but have no connectivity to my windows machines connected to the same residential gateway.

This is just a peer to peer XP Home network of 5 of which is this Linux machine.

I know its off topic, but someone who knows what you just shared would probably know what I've missed with Samba also.

I was previously running XD2 on RH9 where the fix for the SMB problem there was replacing the gnome-vfs2-extras ximian version with the original vfs2-extras from the RH rpm site, but right now I'm not running a 3rd party desktop and now the problem is here in Fedora1 right out of the box...or in this case the ISO.

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